Documentary (France, 45 min, 2012)


Direction / Editing
Sandy Amerio

Sandy Amerio, Khiasma et Olivier Marboeuf

ESBANM (research project F for Real)

Julien Mata

Special effect / 3D / tracking / calibration
Fabrice Di Cicco

Voice over
Lemmy Constantine

Recording voice over / mix
Nicolas Langlois


With the kind participation of
l'Âge d'Or (Elisabeth Pawlowski,
Elsa Minisini & Philippe Munda)
and French Kiss production.

"The first five minutes of Dragooned imitate the newsreels made by the Office of War information in the United States during World War II. This government agency supervised propaganda and encouraged patriotism, so that American citizens would accept a war happening on another continent. The OWI produced 267 newsreel films called United News. These newsreels were less than 10 minutes long, and were often, even at the time, replayed by actors. Cameramen were not always in the right place at the right time, or they weren't always able to take a photogenic view of the action. So the scenes were remade. That's exactly what I did".

Sandy Amerio interviewed by Olivier Marboeuf


Feeling deprived of his status and confronted by a fear of his own disappearance, a man tries to renew links with his vital forces and lost faith, through the incantation of a parallel heroic tale.

It has been said

"A thought provoking movie. A real gem."
Anaïs Kien on France Culture

"A movie to remember. Astounding!"
Ludovic Lamant in Mediapart

"Reflections of a Contemporary Moviegoer."
Marie Lechner in Libération

"Admirable for its courage."
Brigitte Werneburg dans Die Wahrheit


by Olivier Marboeuf


by Séverine Cauchy