1. Dragooned

    Video HD, 45 min, color, France, 2012

  2. Dragooned

    Video HD, 45 min, color, France, 2012

  3. Dragooned

    Video HD, 45 min, color, France, 2012


Documentary, 45 min, 2012


Feeling deprived of his status and confronted by a fear of his own disappearance, a man tries to renew links with his vital forces and lost faith, through the incantation of a parallel heroic tale.

It has been said

"A thought provoking movie. A real gem."
Anaïs Kien on France Culture

"A movie to remember. Astounding!"
Ludovic Lamant in Mediapart

"Reflections of a Contemporary Moviegoer."
Marie Lechner in Libération

"Admirable for its courage."
Brigitte Werneburg dans Die Wahrheit

Screenings (selection)

Berlin Film Festival (BERLINALE) Forum Expanded

Taiwan International Documentary Festival

Cinémathèque (Montréal)

DokumentART festival


Cinema Kursaal (Besançon)

Documentary filmweek (Hamburg)

MK2 Beaubourg

University Paris 7 – Denis Diderot

Musée d'Art Moderne d'André Malraux (Le Havre)

FID Marseille (French Competition)



"In January 2010, the Fine Art School Nantes Métropole, recruited me to conduct a personal research on the complex relations between Reality and Fiction in contemporary art and cinema. Dragooned is the culmination of two years of research on the practice and the milieu of reenactment.

Reenactment is a hobby intended for staging a military event from the past. The historical basis is interpreted by reenactors who do not hesitate to invent plausible sketches. Spectators may attend the sessions, especially during large gatherings, but it is not a sine qua non requirement.

The phenomenon as it is practiced today began in 1960 with commemorations of the centenary of the American Civil War in the United States. However, the origins of reenactment can be traced back to the period of the Roman Empire. In fact, the Romans reenacted indeed famous naval battles (Naumachia) in the Coliseum by flooding it. "

Excerpt from Sandy Amerio's lecture Viole(n)t Pill.

The Dragooned movie poster

Extract from the press review

Curious about reenactment? Don't miss Sandy Amerio interviewed by Olivier Marboeuf!

"With an anthropological approach, Sandy Amerio confronts contemporary society to the aesthetic codes and issues that circulate within it.

At the very heart of the aesthetic of archival films and their televisual reinterpretation in particular, Sandy Amerio expresses the possibility of a vertiginous return of the Second World War into the present.

A remarkable documentary, Dragooned deploys hypnotic magic, an emotional trap where the rituals of fiction colonize reality."

63rd Berlin Film Festival

Sandy Amerio speaks with the public after the projection.

Excerpt of Sandy Amerio's lecture Viole(n)t Pill

You want to know more? Don't miss Séverine Cauchy's text on Dragooned!

"Time issues are at the core of the film, the same way they are at the core of the reenactment practice. We discover very progressively during the movie that what we watched at the beginning is not at all what we thought. And this is a very disturbing feeling, to have no grasp at all on Reality.

A time slip in the thread of the narrative undermines the authenticity of the archive document in order to describe another reality… The reality of those we gradually discover to be reenactors. Time curves collide with a delay and then return suddenly, as in a strategic retreat.

Dragooned is a journey through time with a violent return to the specific present a French soldier. The viewer finds himself caught in a time trap, that is also an emotional and existential dead end."

MK2 Cinema seances

Sandy Amerio and Olivier Marbeuf, producers of the film, in front of MK2 cinema in Paris where Dragooned created the surprise. Initially screened during a special event, the success of the movie and the vivid and exciting debates it caused has led to more than 7 screenings.




by Olivier Marboeuf


by Séverine Cauchy