Surfing on (our) History

Movie, 30 mns, 2000


Scenes from a family life behind the closed doors of a modest suburban apartment. Everyone here plays their own particular role and the obsessions are displayed in full daylight, in a movement that surfs from individual tales to History.


Direction / Editing
Sandy Amerio

Alexis Davy

Actors playing their own roles
Line Amerio, Muriel Amerio,
Fabrice Di Cicco, Sandy Amerio

Camareman DV
Emile Dubuisson

Chief cameraman 16mm
Benoit Labourdette

Assistant cameraman 16mm
Alexandre Bon

Le Fresnoy

Head of production
Stéphane Faivre d'Arcier
Eric Castanet

" A few real-lift scenes from Sandy Amerio's family life, in the closed space of a flat in the northern suburb of Paris, are the basis for the screenplay and the role played by her parents themselves.

Surfing on (our) History thus surfs over the particular history of this family and attempts to liberate that "(our)" from its brackets, the "us" which is like an empty envelope, no longer knowing what to represent.1

The film raises a fundamental question: to what extent are we really the active agents in our own lives? It does so by looking at the contemporary tragedy of our loss of a sense of History.2"
Presentation text written by Sandy Amerio and edited in catalogue Territories of the Image.

1 "As we move through life we often base ourselves on models that are collective and impersonal as well as unconscious. Before we talk, think or act the way people talk, think or act in our world, we start out by talking, thinking or acting the way he or she talks, thinks and acts. AI the bottom of 'one', if we look hard, what we find will always be a certain number of hims and hers which have blurred and merged together as their number increased." Gabriel Tarde, Les Lois Sociales, p. 61, Ed. Sanofi Synthelabo

2 "If there is tragedy, then there is the need to represent its protagonists. By playing out our own drama, we project ourselves beyond our distress into a distance where we can begin to articulate our story." Suzanne Lafont quoted in Jean-Charles Masséra, Amour, Gloire et CAC 40. p.333. Ed. P.O.L

Technical details

Year of production


30 mns


Shooting formats

Dv Cam, Super 8, 16mm


Final format



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